Anti Spam Commitment

Aremas is committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction and confidentiality. This “Anti-Spam Commitment” describes the policies and commitments Aremas applies to its email marketing activities.

Permission Based Communication

Aremas only sends emails to people who have received permission. Permissions from authorized email recipients are regularly recorded and permissions can be withdrawn at any time. Aremas does not use misleading titles and information.

Email Content

Emails sent by Aremas contain business-related information and are clearly and concisely defined. Aremas does not include misleading, false or deceptive information in emails.

Privacy and Security

Aremas protects customer data and contact information and attaches great importance to confidentiality. Your data will never be shared or sold to third parties.

Option to Opt Out of Communication

Every email Aremas sends gives you the option to terminate the communication. Email recipients have the right to discontinue communication from Aremas at any time.

Complaints and Feedback

Email recipients can forward any complaints or feedback to Complaints will be investigated as soon as possible and corrected when necessary.

This Anti-Spam Pledge reflects Aremas’ commitment to protecting the privacy and security of its customers and email subscribers. Aremas’ e-mail marketing activities comply with the legal regulations applicable in Turkey and worldwide.

To contact Aremas or for more information about this policy, please email or call +90 212 283 93 94.